Membership Package Information
Wet-N-Sweat 20-Punch Card
1 Year(s)
Max Uses:
Expiration Date:
The Wet-N-Sweat card offers you flexibility! The card has 20 visits that allow participants to attend any land or water group exercise class listed on The Lodge Group Exercise Schedule. Classes listed as 'registration only' do not accept the Wet-N-Sweat card. Anyone listed on the membership may use that account's Wet-N-Sweat card, 16 and older. The Wet-N-Sweat card expires when the twenty visits are used or in one year, whichever comes first. This option offers a slight discount to daily drop-in admission rates ($8/Member and Resident or $10/Non-Resident). This option does not reserve the participant a spot in the class, so it is advised that participants arrive early for class (no more than 30 minutes).

For speed of check-in, we require an ID card to scan when entering The Lodge. If you do not already have an existing Lodge membership card or Wet-N-Sweat card, please bring a copy of your receipt and Photo ID with you on your first check-in so we can print out a Wet-N-Sweat card.

$150/Member ($7.50 per class)
$155/Resident ($7.75 per class)
$180/Non-Resident ($9 per class)
Online Purchase Dates:
5/4/2016 5:30 AM
Min Age:
16 yrs (as of 9/15/2019)
Additional Information: